Storage Server 3U 16SLOTS

Storage Server 3U 16SLOTS


● 3U rack-mountable storage server
● Support 16 SATA slots, the max. capacity up to 128TB
● Support RIAD 0,1,5,6,50,60
● Two power supplies,high reliability

Category: Storage Server

HTSS0316 is designed for video surveillance industry to create an enterprise-class mass storage server, adopt INTEL latest C222 chipset, support Haswell architecture E3 series processors, a single module up to 64TB of storage space, suitable for small centralized monitoring storage , can well work with various surveillance VMS, to form a standard network hard disk video recorder (NVR).

HTSS0316 adopts RIAD technology, support hot swappable hard drives, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports ,redundant hot backup power supplies and intelligent control fans, thoroughly protect users' data. Support direct operation over a standard ethernet network and is fully compatible with existing ethernet infrastructure and existing network management software, providing an extremely cost-effective, high-performance video surveillance network storage solution.


Application Environment

● Widely used in video surveillance industry such as safe city, banks, transportation, enterprises and institutions, etc..

High Performance

● Support one Intel Core I3 dual-core processor or Intel Xeon E3-1200V3 series quad-core processor , data transfer rates up to 5GT/s, 64-bit expansion, I/O acceleration, Turbo, Hyper-Threading Technology

● 4 memory slots, maximum support 32GB 1333/1600 MT / S DDR3 ECC memory

● 2 GE ports on the board, support I / OA technology, support link aggregation and binding redundancy

High Reliability

● Single module supports up to 16pcs 3.5-inch hot-swappable SATA hard disks, built-in 2 * 2.5 "or 1 * 3.5" hard disk slot, up to max. 48TB in total

● Support RAID 0,1,5,6,50,60

● The system provides four expansion slots: 1 * PCI-E3.0x16 (x8); 1 * PCI-E2.0x8; 1 * PCE-Ex8 (x4); 1 * PCI32bit / 33MHz, provide users with adequate expand space

● Standard 500W power supply,  700W 1 + 1 spare power supply to improve system redundancy and security

Easy Management

Monitor the connection status, network status, hardware status, RAID status, etc. of the storage device, and may determine the device fault level according to the buzzer sound. Record the device event information and operation log in real time .



3U 19-inch standard rack server


新萄京赌场手机版133mm*433mm*660mm (height * width * depth)


新萄京赌场手机版Support 1 Intel dual-core (I3-4100 series) / quad-core processor (Xeon E3-1200V3 series)


Intel C222 chipset


4 DIMM slots, support max. 32GB 1333MHz DDR3 ECC memory

Hard disk Slot

Support 16pcs SATA slots ,  3.5-inch,hot swappable hard drive
新萄京赌场手机版built-in 2 * 2.5 inch SATA non-hot swappable hard drive slot

Hard Disk standard

Enterprise SATA / SAS, surveillance level SATA

Storage capacity

64TB( calculated by 6TB per SATA)

Expansion slot

新萄京赌场手机版1*PCI-E3.0 x16(x8);1*PCI-E2.0x8;1*PCI-E2.0x8(x4);1*PCI 32bit/33MHz

Network card

Integrated dual Gigabit server NICs, support network card redundancy, load balancing, static link aggregation


RAID 0、1、5、6、50、60

Display controller

新萄京赌场手机版Integrated display controller

新萄京赌场手机版External device port

1 * VGA, 6 * USB (rear 4, front 2), 2 * RJ45, 1 * serial port (Asynchronous -232C 9-pin port)

新萄京赌场手机版Power supply

新萄京赌场手机版Standard 500W single power supply, spare 620W 1 +1 pare power supply


Built-in SATA interface thin DVD


Fully monitor the storage device connection status, network status, hardware status, RAID status

Operation system

Windows2008 R2/2012

Windows 7

Windows 10

Red Hat Linux 6.3_x32/x64

新萄京赌场手机版Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 U3 X32&X64

新萄京赌场手机版SUSE SLES 11 sp3_x86_64


新萄京赌场手机版Working tem.: 10 ° C to 35 ° C ,  storage tem.: ° C to + 55 ° C


Working maximum relative humidity 90% RH (35 ℃)


In the operating mode, the sound pressure is measured at the side<50dba< p="">

新萄京赌场手机版Electrostatic discharge

Each Intel environment temperature test specification 15KV